Pathological Diagnoses

Blunt force injury to the head.
Multiple lacerations
Extensive abrasions and contusions
Multiple fractures of the mandible
Avulsion of multiple teeth
Fracture of the left temporal bone
Linear fracture of the base of the skull
Subarachnoid hemorrhage of the brain
Blunt force injury to the nect consistent with manual strangulation
Scratches on the left side of the neck consistent with fingernail marks
Hemorrhage of the strap muscles of the left side of the neck
Blunt force injury to the left deltoid region
Multiple contusions
Blunt force injury to the extremities
Laceration of the left thumb
Abrasion of the right wrist
Multiple confluent contusions of both hands
Intrauterine pregnancy

Cause of Death: Blunt Force Injury to the Head

The decedent is clothed in a hooded sweatshirt which is zipped up, a T-shirt, black pants, and pink panties. Paper bags present on the hands. The head and clothing are bloody.

Accompanying the body there is a small envelope labeled "teeth from near victim's head". It contains several bloody teeth and fragments that belong to the victim, demonstrated by placement into sockets. The teeth are photographed and released with the body.

Examination of the hands shows a single hair stuck in blood on the left hand. It is preserved as evidence. The fingernails are also clipped and preserved as evidence.

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One of the CTV posters did look at the autopsy photos to see if he could learn anything about this senseless crime. This is his thoughts - a laymen's interpretation of what he saw.
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